Our COVID-19 Policy

Here at Southend Refills we continue to take the risk of COVID-19 seriously. We have sought advice from a Health and Safety Consultant to ensure we’re operating safely, for us and our customers, in line with government guidelines (which can be found at gov.uk). Below we outline how we plan to mitigate the risks associated with COVID-19 in all areas of our business.

If we, or anyone we have had close contact with, feel unwell with symptoms (continuous cough, high temperature or loss/change of taste and smell), or receive a positive test for COVID-19, we will immediately place all orders and collections on hold. This may be done with little notice. If you have placed an order we cannot fulfill, we will contact and refund you straight away. We will update our website and post on social media to say all orders are suspended. Orders will only resume after we have self-isolated in line with government guidelines, received a negative test result and are showing no symptoms.

​Our Suppliers

We are assessing the COVID-19 policies and risk assessments of all of our suppliers.

When we take delivery of new stock, we will ensure the delivery drivers use hand sanitiser before unloading, and before leaving the delivery site.

Social distancing will be maintained at all times with delivery drivers.


The refilling stage takes place when we have all orders for the week. All stock and clean bottles are kept in one location.

Before starting refilling, we will wash our hands with soap and hot water, following the NHS guidance.

Before we begin refilling, as usual we will do a clean of the room and stock. This includes wiping down the scales, any surfaces and all taps, funnels, scoops and dispensers with appropriate sanitisers.

We will make up the refills as usual, and pack them into boxes ready for delivery in the week.

After finishing refills, as usual we will do a clean again of all stock and equipment and wash our hands.

​Delivering Orders

Due to the nature of our business and returning bottles and jars, please do not place an order with us if you, or anyone you have had close contact with, are experiencing symptoms (new continuous cough, high temperature, loss/change of taste and smell), or have a positive test for COVID-19.

Deliveries will now be kept to non-contact doorstep only, to minimise the amount of people we come into contact with. Therefore, please specify a safe place for us to leave your items on your order form. If you are ordering anything in cardboard packaging (our website states how everything is delivered), or individual toilet rolls, please leave a waterproof container for us to leave them in, in case of bad weather.

Between each delivery/collection we will clean our hands using an alcohol sanitiser. The main touch points on our vehicles will be sanitised on a frequent basis.

Collecting Empties

If you, or anyone in you have had close contact with, are feeling unwell and experiencing symptoms (new continuous cough, high temperature, loss/change of taste and smell), or have a positive test for COVID-19, please do not leave your empties out for us to collect. Once you have finished the isolation period in line with government guidance, have received a negative test and are no longer experiencing symptoms, then please wash your empties with hot, soapy water before you leave them out for collection.

The empties will be put into a sealed box in our cars, separate from the items we are delivering. 

We will thoroughly clean our hands between deliveries/collections with an alcohol sanitiser.

Once all empties have been collected we will transfer them to the dishwasher where they will have a 70 degree, intensive wash cycle. The box will be wiped down, inside and out with a sanitising cleaner, and our hands washed once again.

Once thoroughly clean, the bottles and jars will be stored in the stock room ready for refilling.