Fragranced non-bio laundry powder.   Concentrated so small doses of powder needed in each wash. Delivered in: returnable glass jars INGREDIENTS:  15% to 30%: Oxygen based bleaching agents; 5% to 15%: Anionic surfactants; <5% Non-ionic surfactants, Polycarboxylates, Zeolite, Fragrance  DIRECTIONS:Soft water: 4g - 12gMed water: 6-14gHard water: 8-16gdepending on level of soilingIf prewash available, split dosing 1/3 prewash, 2/3 main washDelivered to us in: 20kg buckets which are returned to Sesi, who wash and refill, making it a fully circular supply chain! WHY WE LOVE IT:SESI products are all vegan, biodegradable and ethically manufactured.  Transparent with their ingredients and processes, they are dedicated to reducing waste generated by houshold and cleaning products.   Not only do we fill your bottles from their 20l drums, saving over 20 single use plastic bottles each time, they then collect the empty 20l drums from us and refill them too - making it a completly closed loop from manufacturer to your doorstep!  SESI products do not contain: Parabens, Chlorine Bleaches, Optical Brightener, Thiazolinones, Sulphites, Methylisothiazolinone (CMIT), Gluten, Alcohol, SLS, ALS, ALES, Formaldehyde, Quanternium or Phosphates.Manufactured for SESI by independent family firm in the UK.

SESI Non-Bio Washing Powder


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